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2015 Infiniti Dealer Serving Bellevue

Looking for a reliable 2015 Infiniti Dealer Serving Bellevue? Infiniti of Kirkland sells all the newest models of Infiniti’s SUVs, cars, crossovers, and everything in between. Visit us in person or online to see our great selection of fine Infiniti vehicles for the new year.


Infiniti has a selection of fantastic full-sized and mid-sized sedans for 2015; it might be worth a visit to a 2015 Infiniti Dealer Serving Bellevue to see just what these can do.

The 2015 Infiniti Q50’s approach to touch screens is a unique one that has an impressive result. Two separate screens are stacked one on top of the other, with different information displayed in each. For example, if the driver is using the screens for navigation, they can use the top screen to display the map, while the bottom screen can be used for inputting a destination. It makes for a much cleaner and more user-friendly touch screen experience, and already has many fans. The rest of the interior is also a tribute to luxury and comfort, and on the outside, its handling is unbeaten. Power under the hood from its base 3.7L V6 engine (328 hp, to be exact) makes this sedan a shoe-in for an ideal luxury model. Visit a 2015 Infiniti Dealer Serving Bellevue to test drive at a location close to home.

The Infiniti Q40 is a mid-size sport sedan, formerly the G37. Where the Q50 exemplified power and the most modern advances, the Infiniti Q40 keeps hold of the classic tried-and-true traditions. As soon as you sit down behind the wheel at a 2015 Infiniti Dealer Serving Bellevue, you’ll notice the 2015 Infiniti Q40’s superior handling, balanced steering, and smooth but speedy responses. While its exterior design may be a bit more akin to some older models, its basic symmetry and appearance holds up perfectly. In fact, the Q40 may stand out for its more classic appearance while performing pleasurably. Infiniti has made sure to keep the interior comfortable and balances the ride and the handling perfectly.

Whether you want the modern, robust Infiniti Q50 or prefer to stick with the solid, classically-styled Q40, Infiniti of Kirkland is the best 2015 Infiniti Dealer Serving Bellevue that you’ll find. Visit our website or call our new sales line at 888-379-4186 to get the best of the best in Bellevue, Kirkland, and beyond.

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