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2015 Infiniti Hybrids Available in Kirkland

2015 Infiniti Q50 HybridHybrid cars have been becoming more and more popular with the general public in the last few years; Infiniti is a provider of high-quality Hybrid vehicles, and many of its automobiles have a hybrid engine option. 2015 Infiniti Hybrids Available in Kirkland such as the QX60 Hybrid and the Q70 Hybrid can save you money while keeping the environment clean.

2015 Infiniti Hybrids Perks

The primary plus side of Hybrid vehicles that people know is the reduced fuel cost; being able to drive a portion of the distance on battery power amidst fluctuating gas prices can end up being very economic. Battery power also comes in handy in bumper-to-bumper traffic, where the continual slow speeds may drain fuel.

Saving gas money isn’t the only reason that it might be a good idea to look into 2015 Infiniti Hybrids Available in Kirkland. The federal government offers substantial tax breaks to consumers who opt to buy hybrid cars, which can offset the cost. Income tax rebates, excise taxes, and discounts on vehicle registrations are also available to buyers who decide that a Hybrid is the way to go for them.

2015 Infiniti Hybrids Performance

Hybrid cars get an additional perk in the form of being able to drive in the High-Occupancy Vehicle Lane (HOV, or, colloquially, “diamond” or “carpool” lane) in most areas. This privilege is likely due to Hybrid vehicles’ lower emissions, and once again useful for anyone with an everyday commute through the freeway.

There are several choices of 2015 Infiniti Hybrids Available in Kirkland to choose from, including the QX60 Hybrid. If you’ve been looking for a quality crossover Hybrid, the 2015 QX60 is likely for you. Its three-row cabin is stylish, and Infiniti has made the innovation of having the battery pack under the third-row seat, which prevents it from taking up valuable cargo space which is a problem found in many non-Infiniti hybrid vehicles. The second-row seats can be folded, tilted, and configured in a number of ways, allowing for both easy access to the third seat and a number of ways to store your supplies. Sleek, stylish, and economical, the QX60 is an excellent choice for those looking for 2015 Infiniti Hybrids Available in Kirkland.

Infiniti of Kirkland has a large inventory of hybrid-configured Infiniti cars. Call us at 888-379-4186 for more information on our Hybrids or go to our website to find out the financing options that are available to you. You can also come on down to Infiniti on 124th Avenue NE in Kirkland to check them out for yourself. Whether you’re in Kirkland, Kent, Bellevue, or Woodinville, we can help.

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