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2017 INFINITI Q50 Available near Redmond

2017 INFINITI Q50 Available near RedmondIf you are looking for a vehicle that is luxurious and powerful, then the 2017 INFINITI Q50 Available near Redmond is what you need. The Q50 sedan combines a striking range of performance, technology, and design features to deliver a vibrant driving experience.

Design Elements of the 2017 INFINITI Q50

Customers can expect a high level of luxury from the 2017 INFINITI Q50 Available near Redmond. With available leather-appointed seats, wood accents, an ergonomic center console and high-resolution instruments, the Q50 will easily appeal to drivers. The INFINITI InTouch system uses remote services and digital alerts to keep you connected with your vehicle. The infotainment features apps for email, calendar syncing, and concierge services.

The Q50 offers a smooth and versatile design with a double-waved hood and a wide stance. The available multi-mode headlights automatically adjust to oncoming traffic, and LED daytime running lights further improve visibility.

Performance and Safety Features of the INFINITI Q50 near Redmond

The 2017 INFINITI Q50 Available near Redmond comes standard with a 208 hp 2.0 L. Many of the Q50 models come equipped with a 3.0-liter V6 twin turbo engine that produces up to 400 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque. From the center-stack menu, you can set the steering ratio to one of three modes (standard, sport, or sport-plus). One can alter the steering response or how the steering reacts while in sport or sport-plus, by simply using one of the three sub-modes such as default, dynamic, or dynamic-plus, which gives the driver seven steering choices.

Other features of the 2017 INFINITI Q50 Available near Redmond include a cruise control system that automatically adjusts your cruising speed in response to how traffic is flowing. This means less time adjusting the settings and more time to focus on the road. Front-mounted sensors are constantly scanning the road, monitoring speed and distance of the vehicles in front of you, while the lane departure prevention system helps prevent lane drifting. There are many more performance and safety features available, so we invite you test drive the Q50 to experience power and responsiveness.

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