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Certified Pre-Owned Infiniti Dealer in Bellevue

mfg 2015 Infiniti QX60 - F

A Certified Pre-Owned Infiniti Dealer in Bellevue can get you a great deal on your next car purchase. Buying a certified pre-owned vehicle, or CPO, offers you the ability to get a car that carries the low priced of a used vehicle, but with the guarantee that usually only comes with buying brand new.

Certified Pre-Owned Infiniti Benefits

A certified pre-owned vehicle is a late-model car that has been inspected, refurbished, and certified by the manufacturer. Some of the guarantees on certified pre-owned vehicles is that they’ll have lower mileage than many other used cars, and that they’ll be newer. After all major components have been inspected and approved, the manufacturer places a special type of extended warranty on the car. This gives certified pre-owned vehicles an advantage that the majority of used vehicles don’t have: a sense of security for the buyer.

You can talk to your Certified Pre-Owned Infiniti Dealer in Bellevue about what the available warranty is and how you can get the best deal possible. Though certified pre-owned cars carry a higher price than used cars that aren’t certified, they are still much cheaper than brand-new cars, which depreciate quickly once they are off the lot.

Inventory at Our Certified Pre-Owned Infiniti Dealer in Bellevue

Your Certified Pre-Owned Infiniti Dealer in Bellevue will be able to show you which models they have available for purchase. Infiniti cars have excellent resale value, and older models can be relied on. Your dealer will also be able to guide you through which old Infiniti model names correspond to the newer vehicles after the brand-wide renaming in the 2014 model year.

The Infiniti G37 is a model that continues to be popular. G37s are available as coupes, sedans, or convertible, and with trims that range from more luxurious to more sporty. Each trim level has had a long list of standard features, as well as many options that can be added on. A 3.7L V6 has been the standard engine for several years, and has given the Infiniti G37 an eager driving manner and willing acceleration. The attractive design is also noticeable, and will definitely let the world know that you’re driving a luxury car.

Infiniti of Kirkland is a Certified Pre-Owned Infiniti Dealer in Bellevue that specializes in offering financing and other services for Infiniti customers. Our certified pre-owned inventory is easily accessible and will let you know what we have on the lot. Come on in for a test drive or to see these cars in person.

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