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Engine Services for Infiniti in Kirkland

There are many moving parts inside your engine bay on your Infiniti that will need service. Engine Services for Infiniti in Kirkland at our Service Department are performed by extremely knowledgeable and professional technicians. These technicians are trained by Infiniti and have the tools and experience to expertly service all systems and parts on your car. If you “Check Engine” light has come on, it is time to bring it in for service. The light on your display is there to tell you when something needs attention. When you bring your Infiniti in with a “Check Engine” light on, our technicians will hook it up to a machine that can read the error code(s). From there, they will visually inspect the system and report to you what course of action should be taken. It should go without saying that the light coming on isn’t the end of the road for your Infiniti. Engine Services for Infiniti in Kirkland can get your car back up to proper running order in a timely fashion. When we replace a part on your car, we only use factory original parts to ensure the longest possible life.

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The most basic engine service we provide is an oil change. This is a simple process but one that needs to be performed at the appropriate mileage to prevent friction from tearing apart your engine. An engine service related to changing the oil would be a visual inspection of the various pumps that move oil around the engine block. Other engine services include more labor intensive repairs like taking off the valve covers and inspecting each valve. The valves on your engine play a key role in the combustion process. Our trained professionals can take a look at this system and provide you with a clear answer if further action is required. Other Engine Services for Infiniti in Kirkland we provide is a visual inspection of the cooling system. We inspect all hoses, clamps, gaskets, o-rings, and sending units. The radiator is also looked over for possible damage to the cooling fins.

We also make sure to visually inspect the electrical systems that power your car. This includes going over the wiring harnesses that lead to and from your engine. From there, we also check the health of your battery. For additional information on all engine services we provide, check out our website.

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