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Financing New 2016 Infiniti Models in Bellevue

Financing New 2016 Infiniti Models in BellevuePeople who are looking into Financing New 2016 Infiniti Models in Bellevue have a lot of options. Whether buying or leasing, however, the method is going to be different for everyone. It’s recommended to visit your local Infiniti dealership to see what they can offer you, and see what works out for your long term.

Financing Your New 2016 Infiniti Model

If you love buying a car and having a full range of freedom with it—whether driving your QX80 through rough terrain or cruising every night in your Infiniti Q60 coupe, you’ll be better off buying. If you have a car to trade in you can already get started financing; a trade-in plus a down payment is even better, since it means less monthly payments. Once you’ve paid off the car, it’s yours. The disadvantage, of course, is that your car will depreciate quickly; you’ll get much less for your trade-in down the line than you put into it. If you’re planning to keep your car around for a long time though, this is the way to go. You can cover the rest of your loan with a lease which, depending on your credit, can have a very agreeable interest rate.

Financing Options for 2016 Infiniti in Bellevue

Another form of Financing New 2016 Infiniti Models in Bellevue is through leasing. Car leases typically run for 2-3 years, after which the lessee returns the car. Down payments and monthly payments are much less than if you were buying the car outright, since you only pay for the part of the car that you use. Once the contract is over, the person can potentially buy the car they’ve leased, or can lease another car. It’s good for people who prefer to drive something new. On the other hand, leased cars are limited in how far they can travel yearly. Lease contracts usually stipulate that lessees can only drive so many miles per year, although more miles can be purchased at signing. Plan any road trips ahead!

You also need to keep the car in good condition, or else you’ll be paying extra for wear-and-tear damages, much like any lease or rental. Finally, if you need to end the lease contract early, you may end up paying more to get out of it—again, planning ahead for your lease period is key. Whether you like owning the car or driving something new, Infiniti of Bellevue will help you with Financing New 2016 Infiniti Models in Bellevue. Call us or visit our location to test-drive one of our new vehicles.

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