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Infiniti announces details of partnership with Red Bull Racing

Infiniti of Kirkland has noticed a strange new deal between Nissan and Red Bull Racing. The Red Bull Racing team won the championship last season, which is why it’s strange that Infiniti hopped on now.

Upon the deals reveal many people began to get the idea that Red Bull Racing was going to be using engines supplied by Infiniti. Currently, their engine supplier is Renault, who belong to the same alliance as Infiniti. In the past when automakers decide to get tangled up in the F1 business they try to obtain their own team by one of 2 methods, or they give engines to a team that’s already in place. This being the case, Infiniti supplying engines to Red Bull starts to seem very reasonable.

However apparently Infiniti wants to take the deal a different route. Rather than have Red Bulls engines branded, the Infiniti logo’s on things like Red Bull’s cars and uniforms is going to be enlarged and placed more visibly.

Infiniti of Kirkland

Partnership between Red Bull racing and Infiniti announced


Take a look at what’s going on in Infiniti, courtesy of Infiniti of Kirland! Be sure to check out Infiniti of Kirkland for all of the newest incentives on the exciting new Infiniti.

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