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Infiniti Certified Pre-Owned Available near Mercer Island

Infiniti Certified Pre-Owned Available near Mercer IslandBuying an Infiniti Certified Pre-Owned Available near Mercer Island can be a way to save money while also getting a later-model vehicle that’s in very good condition. Pre-owned vehicles are certified when the manufacturer—in this case, Infiniti—takes it to its factory for a thorough inspection. The typical type is a 150-point inspection, and all components are checked to make sure that they are working perfectly. The manufacturer then puts an extended warranty onto the car and re-releases it as certified pre-owned. Certified pre-owned vehicles are typically later-model, low-mileage, and have the newest features; while they cost more than other used vehicles, for many owners, the extra price tag is worth it.

The Benefits of Our Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

People considering getting an Infiniti Certified Pre-Owned Available near Mercer Island should talk to the dealer about whether it’s a good choice for them. While it’s a bargain for money, different people have different priorities that they consider when looking for a car. Certified pre-owned vehicles are inspected and confirmed to be in good condition, which lends peace of mind—however, they still are used cars, which is still unattractive to some people. Certified pre-owned vehicles can be either factory-certified or dealer-certified, so consider which one will work best for you. Factory-certified cars are one step closer to the manufacturer itself, so if you’re concerned about having the most security, factory-certified is the best.

Sleek Certified Pre-Owned Models Available Near Mercer Island

No matter which model of Infiniti Certified Pre-Owned you’re looking for, the brand is guaranteed to have many attractive features in its cars. Leather seats are common standard features throughout the models, and many also have standard heated seats for the front passenger and driver. Most recent Infiniti models will have a V6 engine, and the option of all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. Upgraded audio system, rearview camera, and Navigation are technology features that makes driving easier and more entertaining. Models of Infiniti Certified Pre-Owned Available near Mercer Island include the Q50 sedan, the popular Q70 sedan, and the sporty QX50 crossover sports utility vehicle.

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