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Infiniti Dealer Serving Kirkland

The Infiniti Q70 is a reliable Sedan that delivers luxury and style, and, above all, five-star performance. You can find this bestselling vehicle from a reputable Infiniti Dealer Serving Kirkland, and walk away with one of Infiniti’s top-rated cars.

2015 Infiniti Q70 Now in KirklandReliable Infiniti Dealer with Reliable Vehicles

Infiniti of Kirkland is one the superior Infiniti dealers in Washington. We customer service that exceeds expectations and many vehicles to choose from. We specialize in making your search for a new or used vehicle fun and easy.

The Q70 is hard to beat when it comes to driving dynamics. Sharp handling and a horsepower rating that lets your car move lightning-fast on whatever road you put it on are just a few of the features of the Q70; this full-size sedan also has some of the best noise-control and interior luxury options of all the cars in its class.

With a choice of four-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive available from your local Infiniti Dealer Serving Kirkland, the Infiniti Sedan has a number of options that can be browsed through and selected. Whether you’re building up a brand-new Infiniti and choosing your own trims, or you’re wanting to see what the lot has to offer and go from there, Infiniti of Kirkland has your back. Options included with the Infiniti include Bose surround-sound systems, and a functionality that lets fresh air into the cabin as well as keep noise out. Safety features such as lane-departure warnings, blind-spot monitoring, and forward-collision warning are available to those who want a bit more safety in their Infiniti. Talk to an Infiniti Dealer Serving Kirkland to see what trim options are available to you.

Technology Options

Standard in most Infiniti sedans is Bluetooth and USB connectivity, a hard drive for music storage, and drive mode selectors (allowing the driver to choose between Eco, Standard, Sport, and Snow modes). Infiniti goes out of its way to keep this sedan something that keeps consumers happy, and they haven’t missed a beat yet. Consider buying a sedan or any Infiniti vehicle from an Infiniti Dealer Serving Kirkland if you’ve been needing a luxury sedan that makes a big impression.

Infiniti of Kirkland is the top seller of new and used Infiniti vehicles, including the Q50, hybrids, and more. We offer financing options on new and used vehicles that stand out among the competition, and our friendly sales associates will always find you the best price for your car. You can make an appointment at our dealership to test drive one of our many certified new and used Infiniti vehicles. Call us today at 888-379-4186 for new sales or 888-380-3590 for used sales, or browse our internet specials to see what deals you can get.

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