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Infiniti Has New Design Scheme In Mind

Earlier this month, the automotive media from egmcartech.com was able to pick the brains of the folks behind the Infiniti car designs. Infiniti‘s current concept cars are a perfect indication of the direction the future designs will head. Since the Emerg-E continues to win design awards, and has been a topic of conversation ever since its debut, the future for Infiniti looks bright, indeed.

“We want to look leaner, more athletic,” Shiro Nakamura, global design chief for Infiniti, told media. “I’m happy with our designs today, Infiniti has a very distinctive look now, in the front grille and in the shape of the body. But I’d like to make it a little younger and more athletic, and thin it down. The next G will see a similar direction [of the Emerg-E]. We avoided making it a wedge shape, which is typical of mid-engine cars. We don’t want a wedge shape for Infiniti.”

For more information about Infiniti, or to take a look at any Infiniti vehicle, contact Infiniti of Kirkland.

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