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Infiniti Maintenance near Redmond

Infiniti Maintenance near RedmondQuality Infiniti Maintenance near Redmond is easy to find from Infiniti of Kirkland, Eastside’s number one provider of service, sales, and maintenance to Infiniti vehicles of all models. Whether your car is new or used, our Infiniti specialists will make sure to give it the proper care so that you can keep it on the road for longer.

No matter what year or model of Infiniti vehicle you have, it’s guaranteed to have a maintenance schedule straight from the manufacturer. Infiniti has created schedules for every car, and Infiniti of Kirkland follows them to the letter. Make an appointment with us in order to keep your car in top condition.

Maintenance occurs once every period of miles or months (whichever comes first), and when that time comes, you’ll want to find Infiniti Maintenance near Redmond. Every 5,000 miles or 6 months, a car usually sees standard maintenance of replacing engine oil and air filters, lubricating the propeller shaft, and rotating tires. If the car is projected to drive in severe operating conditions, such as constant sleet, snow, or rain, additional maintenance is conducted. These can include checking the exhaust system, brake shaft boosts, examining axle and suspension parts, as well as a host of other checks. Every 10,000 miles, or every year, automatic transmission fluid may also be replaced and brake lights can be examined.

Another major part of Infiniti Maintenance near Redmond is replacing and fixing parts that are set to be replaced at pre-determined intervals. Vital engine parts such as the timing belts have periods placed onto them by the manufacturer at which they need to be changed, at the risk of the engine suffering worse breakdowns.

Infiniti of Kirkland can provide all of these services and more to you, with just a phone call. We can be reached for service at 888-378-8970, or by going online to our website and filling out an appointment form. You can find out all about your schedule and other aspects of Infiniti Maintenance near Redmond by simply getting in contact with us. We promise to do the best by your car, and by you.

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