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Infiniti Mileage Maintenance Available in Kirkland

Car serviceIf you haven’t taken your Infiniti vehicle to a mechanic, it might be time for Infiniti Mileage Maintenance Available in Kirkland. Infiniti is a brand of reliable cars, but all automobiles require maintenance at regular intervals to keep them running as smoothly as possible. Preventative maintenance is particularly vital if you live in any sort of non-ideal conditions for a car, such as in extreme hot or cold climates, mountainous or icy areas, or anywhere that requires a long commute. Using your Infiniti for strenuous activity also means that you may need to get maintenance more often.

Infiniti Mileage Maintenance Scheduling

Infiniti of Kirkland gets maintenance schedules directly from the manufacturer; we know everything about your make and model of Infiniti, whether it’s brand-new this year or a long-lived, well-loved one. We can consult with you and find the perfect schedule for your car; our experienced, factory-trained mechanics will be able to give your car the attention it deserves.

Scheduled Infiniti Mileage Maintenance Available in Kirkland is usually set every 3,500 or 7,000 miles, again, depending on the strenuousness of use. Common maintenance tasks include rotating and balancing tires, wheel alignment, and checking, flushing, and replacing fluids such as brake fluid, transmission fluids, and power steering fluids. Brakes are also typically inspected, and if your brake pads are worn down, they will be replaced.

Infiniti Mileage Maintenance Components

Common components of Infiniti Mileage Maintenance Available in Kirkland are also special maintenance’s. Some parts of your engine, such as the spark plugs and the timing belt, have a certain amount of miles set by the manufacturer that they can go before they need to be replaced. The timing belt, in particular, is a vital component that needs to be replaced on time, since the belt breaking can lead to serious engine failure.

Preventative Infiniti Mileage Maintenance Available in Kirkland is the best way to make sure that your Infiniti vehicle serves you well for years to come. Visit Infiniti of Kirkland, located at 11930 124th Avenue NE, to find out the best maintenance schedule for car. If you already have your schedule, but maintenance time is creeping up, then use our website to set up your maintenance appointment with ease. You can also call our service department at 888-378-8970 if you have questions or want to schedule an appointment. Infiniti of Kirkland is the Seattle area’s best dealer for all things Infiniti.

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