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Infiniti Oil Change Service Available in Kirkland

Changing automobile oilTo keep your engine healthy, being regular with your Infiniti Oil Change Service Available in Kirkland is one of the biggest steps you can take. Engine oil lubricates your constantly-working engine, making all of its components run smoothly; without it, your engine would experience serious degradation. An improperly-lubricated engine will be less fuel-efficient, less powerful, and may even fail at the worst possible moment. Engine oil can also be used to cool your engine in a pinch, when certain parts are overheating.

Reasons to Have an Infiniti Oil Change Service

After prolonged use, engine oil picks up small particles of dirt and metal, as well as degrading. Degraded oil does not lubricate well at all, and can lead to the aforementioned engine problems; when your oil needs to be changed, you will see an indicator light pop up to tell you. If your oil-change indicator light has come on, then finding reliable Infiniti Oil Change Service Available in Kirkland is one of your top priorities. On a related note, if you’ve been driving your car for a long time but your indicator light hasn’t come on, then it’s important to get it checked.

Infiniti Oil Change Service

How fast your oil degrades and how often you need Infiniti Oil Change Service Available in Kirkland depends on how often you drive and what types of oil you use. When you go in for your oil change, you’ll be able to choose between a few different grades of oil; higher grades, obviously, can last longer in your engine. If you don’t drive anywhere with your car, your oil will barely degrade, since it’s not being use and won’t pick up contaminants.

If you drive very short distances, however, starting and stopping the engine before the oil has a chance to heat up, it might degrade faster. Keeping an eye on how you’re using your engine may help you reduce the amount of times you need to change your oil. Talk to an Infiniti of Kirkland professional about your Infiniti Oil Change Service Available in Kirkland.

Infiniti of Kirkland offers deals and service specials for any sort of maintenance or repair on your Infiniti. Our website makes it easy to schedule an appointment with our knowledgeable technicians, and our dealership is outfitted with a number of convenient amenities to enjoy while you wait. Infiniti of Kirkland is one of the most highly-rated dealerships in the Kirkland area, and we’re more than happy to welcome any and all customers. Call us at 888-378-8970 to set up a service appointment with us today. We are located on 124th Avenue NE in Kirkland proudly serve Redmond, Bellevue, Seattle, and Kirkland.

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