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Sebastian Vettel’s and Infiniti are staying tight-lipped until the Frankfurt Auto Show

Infiniti of Kirkland FX50

Well it’s another day here at Infiniti of Kirklanda there is new buzz surrounding the FX50. A young man named Sebastian Vettel and is the reigning F1 World Champion for the Red Bull racing team and certainly on his way to a repeat performance.  Sebastian likes the FX so much, he drives one for his personal car as well!  But he is about to get a version of the FX50 that is even more to his liking.

With his taste for speed, it’s most certainly going be a big performer.  Infiniti isn’t telling teasing us with videos and a picture, but tighted-lipped with the details. But fast approaching is the Frankfurt auto show.

We do know that FX Sebastian Vettel edition is based on the top-spec FX50S Premium.   There are some  modifications to the engine, suspension and body, and could be capable of 300 km/h (186 mph).   We will try to keep you posted as Infiniti releases more details.

Meanwhile, stop in and take a test drive in an FX50 Infiniti of Kirkland Be sure to ask about the newest incentives.

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