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Infiniti Repair near Bellevue

Throughout your car’s lifespan, there will be a number of things you will need to do for Infiniti Repair near Bellevue. While keeping your maintenance schedule on track is important, sometimes the unpredictable occurs. Having somewhere you can take your car to where you’ll be guaranteed great service from factory-trained professionals is vital, and that’s exactly what you’ll find from Infiniti of Kirkland. Knowing what types of problems your car can have is one of the first steps to being able to get fast repairs for it.

Auto mechanic replacing car batteryBattery: Like any battery, the one under your hood doesn’t last forever. Your battery is required to start the engine, as well as to provide power to certain functions. While your battery recharges whenever your engine is on, after a certain time, it won’t be able to hold a charge. When that time comes your provider of Infiniti Repair near Bellevue will be able to replace your battery to a new one. It’s a vital component of your ignition that should be monitored, especially if it’s getting on in years.

Water Pump: Your engine works hard, which gives off a lot of heat; heat, however, can be detrimental to any mechanical part. Your water pump cycles coolant between radiator and engine to keep it from getting too hot and failing due to overheating. Unfortunately, an aged water pump (usually with 70,000 miles or more under its belt) can spring a leaks. Infiniti Repair near Bellevue should solve the problem if you’ve already sprung a leak (you’ll notice your engine overheating or giving off smoke), or will be able to replace it as a preventative measure.

Timing Belt: One of the big ones that should be repaired at specific intervals based on your Infiniti model, the timing belt governs the opening and closing of the intake valves. In certain engines, a suddenly-failing timing belt can lead to catastrophic engine failure.

Call Infiniti of Kirkland for all your Infiniti Repair near Bellevue needs. We have a staff of highly-trained repair people ready to fix your car, even in a last-minute emergency. Visit our website to find out more about what we offer, and our specials. We’re here to support all Infiniti owners in Bellevue and beyond.

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