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Infiniti Used Cars Available in Bellevue

Infiniti Used Cars Available in BellevueBuying a car used is a common and cheaper alternate to buying one brand-new. There are many options depending on what people are looking for, from one-owner cars which tend to have easier-to-track history, to certified pre-owned vehicles that have received a check-over and repair from the manufacturer, and have been given an extended warranty. Infiniti Used Cars Available in Bellevue include a number of models for sale, from sedans such as the G35—which is now called the Q60—to SUVs such as the full-sized QX80.

Our Luxurious Used Infiniti Models

There are many options for Infiniti Used Cars Available in Bellevue. The first thing to understand is what model of car you want; do you prefer a sporty coupe, a luxurious sedan, or do you need the high seating position and cargo space of an SUV? The Infiniti G35 comes as either a coupe or a sedan, and has been known for its refined styling and sporty performance. Like many of the past and present infiniti vehicles, the G35 model used primarily a V6 engine. High-quality materials set the mood in the cabin, while paddle-shifters alongside the automatic transmission were a welcome addition in the latest model. Features included dual-zone automatic climate control, sports seats, a special-tuned electronic stability system, a six-CD changer, and more. The G35 gave way to the G37 for the 2008 model year, which became an incredibly popular model. The Infiniti FX35—now re-branded the Infiniti QX70—offers a sporty take on the crossover SUV. It’s an automobile that’s loaded with features inside and out. It comes with either rear-wheel or all-wheel drive, and other features have included a Bose audio system, Bluetooth, leather upholstery, satellite radio, and more.

Peace of Mind With Our Used Infiniti Vehicles in Bellevue

Once you figured out which of the Infiniti Used Cars Available in Bellevue looks the best, you should consider what type of used car you want. A certified pre-owned vehicle or a one-owner car will likely be more expensive, but if peace of mind is a big deal for you—and for many people who don’t want to have to deal with the unexpected in a car they just bought it is—these are options to consider. A one-owner car will have a shorter list of incidents, which will be easier to track. A certified pre-owned car is taken by the manufacturer and given a thorough inspection and tune-up, and buyers have the option of seeing just what was changed.

If you’re still wondering what to look for when it comes to Infiniti Used Cars Available in Bellevue, visit Infiniti of Bellevue. We’ll help you find financing, as well as the model that works best for you.

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