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New Infiniti Dealer in Bellevue

New Infiniti Dealer in BellevueA New Infiniti Dealer in Bellevue can help you get the car care and sales prices that you deserve. Dealers can not only find you a lease or loan that fits your budget, but manufacturer-backed dealers also have the fastest access to parts and the most skilled mechanics that will be working on your Infiniti vehicle.

Getting Repairs from an Infiniti Dealer in Bellevue

If you’re planning to get maintenance or repairs, it’s best to go to a New Infiniti Dealer in Bellevue. Whether you have the Q70 or the QX60, mechanics working for your dealer will be factory-trained, meaning they’ll know your car like the back of their hands. Parts for new Infiniti vehicles are also more easily accessible through a dealership, so you won’t be waiting long for your repair to be completed. If you’re planning to buy parts, dealerships have the best access to new Infiniti auto parts.

Your Infiniti owner’s manual outlines its maintenance schedule and lets you know how often you should get your maintenance. Setting up a maintenance plan with your New Infiniti Dealer in Bellevue will not only save you money (since your warranty will cover it), but will also ensure the fastest, most specialized service.

Buying and Leasing from a Infiniti Dealer in Bellevue

Whether you’re buying or leasing your new Infiniti vehicle, it’s important to ensure that you’re getting the best deal, and the pricing that’s right for you. Talk to your Infiniti dealership agent about your budget, and which financing variant would work out better for you; if you plan to buy another new Infiniti car within a few years, it may be better to lease, whereas if you want to keep your new Q70L for a long time then you’ll want to find an auto loan with a good interest rate. Go to your New Infiniti Dealer in Bellevue and find out what you can get with your credit score. Many Infiniti dealerships also offer special deals and incentives, so you can save money even further.

Call Infiniti of Bellevue at 888-379-4186 to get more information on buying or leasing your Infiniti vehicle, or schedule your maintenance appointment ahead of time. We provide specials on service and purchase of your new Infiniti vehicle. You can also browse our used car inventory if you’re looking for a specific model year. Infiniti of Bellevue serves the Bellevue, Kirkland, and Everett area with quality Infiniti support. Call us today.

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