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New Infiniti Dealer Serving Kirkland

New Infiniti Dealer Serving KirklandYour New Infiniti Dealer Serving Kirkland will be able to not only help you choose the best Infiniti for you, but will also help you select financing that fits your needs and your budget. Known for its luxurious, feature-rich vehicles, Infiniti has been helping thousands of customers drive in style.

New Infiniti Financing in Kirkland

There are more ways to finance your car than just taking out a loan and buying it, as some people may think. Buying a car on a loan is certainly popular–most customers don’t have the money simply lying around to put down the entire payment in cash–but leasing can also be an excellent solution to making sure that you get the Infiniti you want for the price you want.

The advantage of buying via a loan from your New Infiniti Dealer Serving Kirkland is, of course, that you’ll be able to own your car once you finish paying it off. You’re not limited by miles, and you don’t need to watch for wear and tear; it’s excellent if you’re planning to use your Infiniti vehicle to take long trips, or go off-road.

On average, leases last three years during which time you’ll be limited for the amount of miles you can drive. However, customers taking out a lease pay less than customers paying off a loan for the same car in the same time period. This is because leases account for depreciation of the car.

Consult your New Infiniti Dealer Serving Kirkland to see what they recommend for your situation.

New Infiniti Cars Available in Kirkland

Infiniti’s cars have come fresh off a brand-wide rename, but still maintain a high level of luxury, comfort, and excellent driving dynamics. The Infiniti Q50 is a luxury sedan that has been outfitted with the latest in safety features, including predictive forward collision warning (which senses not only the velocity of the vehicle directly in front, but the vehicle in front of that one, as well) and blind spot intervention (a system that helps you return to your lane if it senses you moving towards a car in your blind spot).

The new Infiniti QX80 is a five-passenger SUV with a powerful V8 engine and the option of all-wheel drive and intelligent cruise control, designed to make any trek an easy and comfortable one.

Call Infiniti of Kirkland today to discuss how you can save on your next Infiniti purchase.

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