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New Sebastian Vettel FX revealed

Infiniti of Kirkland has always been a fan of the Infiniti FX. It’s easily one of the more appealing street legal vehicles out there, and can quickly be made illegal if you want to floor it. Sebastian Vettel, a professional racer, had some ideas for Infiniti to make it even faster.

Vettel worked with Infiniti engineers to make the FX even smaller and faster. They managed to make it 20 millimeters shorter, and improve drag by 30%. All of this worked to make the FX reach an amazing speed of 186 MPH.

As for the engine, Infiniti managed to get an extra 30 HP by adding a new exhaust system and upgrading the cars software. In order to reach 186 MPH they had to add taller gearing.

Infiniti of Kirkland

Infiniti Sebastian Vettel FX


Take a look at what’s going on in Infiniti, courtesy of Infiniti of Kirland! Be sure to check out Infiniti of Kirkland for all of the newest incentives on the exciting new Infiniti.

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