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Schedule Infiniti Service near Kirkland

Schedule Infiniti Service near KirklandWhen do you need to Schedule Infiniti Service near Kirkland? It depends on what model of car you have. Most owner’s manuals recommend getting service every 3,000 miles or 3 months, but if you live in a particularly rough environment, you may want to get your car checked a little more often.

Scheduled Maintenance Service for Infiniti near Kirkland

Even if you get no repairs or installations in your Infiniti, you’ll still need to Schedule Infiniti Service near Kirkland a few times a year to ensure that your car stays in good running shape and you don’t run into any issues unforeseen. During your scheduled maintenance, all the important components of your car that wear down will be checked: brake pads, oil, fluids, and so on. Tires will be rotated to promote even wear, and engine, battery, and other key equipment will be checked for good condition.

While most warranties cover bumper-to-bumper repair, you’ll still need to pay for maintenance out of pocket. However, maintenance is affordable on a new car that does not present heavy signs of wear and may not require replacements or fixes. Service providers also offer deals in the form of service bundles, so if it’s time for an extra item on your checkup—such as an oil change—then it might be a good idea to look into them.

Other Available Infiniti Services near Kirkland

Sometimes, you may need to take your Infiniti in earlier than you expected. Any sort of strange noise, smell, or change in how it drives, or one of the “maintenance minder” lights turning on (the dreaded ‘Check Engine’ light is one of these) is a call that the car needs some attention earlier than expected. Many people are tempted to ignore this when they see it, but the fact is, it’s important to get your car fixed up as soon as possible in order to prevent worse damage.

Another reason to schedule Infiniti service promptly may be to install new items or accessories, such as different seats or a sound system. Cargo nets and brake jumpers can help improve an SUV’s utility and capability, and illuminated kick plates can be added for a unique accent that distinguishes your vehicle from others.

Schedule Infiniti Service near Kirkland with Infiniti of Bellevue, a leading dealer of Infiniti vehicles. You can use our site’s tools to value your trade-in, apply for financing, or find what cars under what parameters fit your budget. Contact us easily, or visit us at our location for a test-drive.

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