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Scheduled Maintenance Services for Infiniti in Kirkland

Scheduled Maintenance Services for Infiniti in Kirkland includes many services designed to give your car the longest life possible. Come check us out at 11930 124th Ave Ne, Kirkland, WA 98034 so we can discuss in detail what your specific Infiniti model requires for scheduled maintenance. Our factory-trained technicians are the best in their field are servicing your model and only use factory-original parts. When you bring your Infiniti in, our technicians will look over and inspect the axles and suspension parts, brake lines and cables, the entire brake system, differential fluid, dive belts, driveshaft boots, the exhaust system, the fuel system, the propeller shaft (if applicable), your steering system, the suspension, the transfer case fluid (if applicable) and more. Scheduled Maintenance Services for Infiniti in Kirkland includes routine tasks like replacing the air cleaner/element, brake fluid, cabin air filter, engine coolant, engine oil, engine oil filter, and spark plugs. While in for basic services, we also make sure to rotate the tires so that each experiences even wear.

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Come speak with a professional on when certain maintenance needs to be performed on your Infiniti as each model is different. Around 30,000 miles we will perform such maintenance as: adjusting the headlights if necessary, flushing and replacing engine coolant, inspecting all lights and control switches, lubricate locks and hinges, and more. We also suggest replacing the differential fluid (if applicable), drive belts, manual transmission fluid, radiator cap, transfer case fluid (if applicable) and wiper blades.

Around 60,000 miles we suggest coming in to have: the tread on your tires gauged for depth, adjusting tire pressure to meet specifications, checking wheel alignment, inspecting all brake rotors, linings, pads, and drums, lubricating caliper side rails, inspecting CV joint boots, lubricating transmission control linkage, inspecting drive belt, inspecting the spark plugs and more. If your Infiniti has over 100,000 miles we suggest bringing it in for a professional inspection of such systems as the cooling system, drivetrain system, brake system, electronic systems, engine performance and more. Around this mileage is when the water pump on most vehicles needs to be checked or replaced. Many of the gaskets that keep the fluids inside the hoses will begin to break down and need to be replaced. When removing the water pump, we also replace the main serpentine belt and another belt that needs replacing. For additional information on Scheduled Maintenance Services for Infiniti in Kirkland check out our website.

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