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The New Infiniti FX50

Infiniti has just recently made a big push to get in big with certain European markets and are having great success with the new FX50.  Infiniti has always been known for seamlessly blending a luxurious and comfortable vehicle with a high-performing engine that makes driving more fun than it has ever been.

The FX50 recently saw a design refresh, updating some of the exterior aspects and making it one of the style-focused crossover available.  It has a new and more aggressive-looking shape that was inspired by the Infiniti Etherea concept.  The grill and front fascia have been updated to make it look sportier than ever.  It is still powered by its 5.0-liter V8 providing 390 horsepower.

The FX comes standard with Infiniti’s Personal Assistant program which allows drivers access to immediate directions, restaurant suggestions, emergency assistance and other information.  Plenty of new safety and convenience features have been packed into all of Infiniti’s new vehicles, including the FX50.

For more information about the FX50, or to take a look at any Infiniti vehicle, contact Infiniti of Kirkland.

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