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What’s New For Infiniti In 2013

There’s plenty of new and improved goods coming from Infiniti this year, who is taking full advantage of the fact that the U.S. is back in the car market after many years of a wizened economy.  The ones who really benefit from this are the consumers, who have access to more features than ever before and at prices that are almost exactly the same from two years ago.

The Infiniti EX37, previously the EX35, has been renamed thanks to a bigger engine which now provides 325 horsepower over last year’s 297.  The FX35 is now the FX37 thanks to a larger engine which helps to provide a gain of 22 horsepower.

The G37 IPL convertible’s engine has been fine tuned to give 343 horsepower, 22 more than last year.  The suspension and exhaust have also been enhanced for better performanced, and the exterior has been given upgraded styling features to turn heads.

Fore more information about what’s new for 2013, or to take a look at any Infiniti vehicle, contact Infiniti of Kirkland.

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